Our work begins even before the expat arrives in the Philippines – we provide her with advance information she needs to start getting familiar with the country, its people, and the culture. We also gather as much information as possible on the expat’s needs and wants, so we can tailor-fit the next phases of the relocation process.

Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from the airport can be arranged to save the expat the hassle of arranging their own local transport.

Preview Trip

We will take the expatriate on a customized tour of the area of his place of work, possible places of residence, and other points of interest.

Home Search

We will help the expat, and his family, find their dream home away from home.

Leveraging on our extensive real estate network, we will come up with a short list of possible residences that are ideal for the expatriate’s needs, wants and budget. After a guided tour of all the properties, we will work with the expat to help him decide on, and get the best possible deal for, his chosen home in the Philippines.

School Search

We assist the expatriate and her family in selecting the best school for their children. We have a database of international and local schools in and around the metro, and we can pre-arrange school visits and look-see to save on time and the hassle.