How to bring overall Luck in the Chinese New Year of the Tiger this Feb 1

The new Chinese Year of the Tiger begins on February 1 and will end on January 21, 2023. In Chinese astrology, it will also mark the end of the year of the Metal Ox. 2022 is the Water Tiger year, which is said to be a year of action and brave movement. This year’s theme will be “change.” The Tigers’ restlessness will be felt by all signs, motivating changes in many important areas of life. Many people may decide to relocate and change their residence, jobs, or both (possibly more than once.)

Below are the few things you can be mindful of to bring in luck this Chinese New Year:

  1. Check and Fix

Before Feb 1, it’s best to check your home for any defects and problems. Leaking toilets, broken faucets, roof tiles, leaking ceilings, chipped and cracked cutlery and crockery must be fixed. Leaking water means loss of wealth and health, while damaged utensils mean bad luck and bad Feng Shui. 

Remove mismatched socks, torn or threadbare underwear, shirts, pants, and damaged shoes from cabinets and drawers. Discard clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Cleaning out your cupboards signifies releasing negative energy and making room for NEW things.

  1. Stock and Replenish

Begin your new year with a replenished body by starting with your surroundings, aka your kitchen. Preparation is key, so stock up on food in your cabinets and refrigerator. Remove and discard any food that has gone bad. Afterwards, thoroughly clean and dry your rice urn, and then fill it to the brim with new rice and a red packet with three dynasty coins tied with red thread. During the 15 days of the Chinese New Year, make sure your rice urn is at least three-quarters full. Next, make sure you have enough food in your refrigerator to last for the entire 15-day Chinese New Year celebration.

  1. Ensure Good Feng Shui Flow of Energy

In essence, feng shui is about people: respecting personal space and personal space of others.

Look to the front door to achieve family harmony, especially in multigenerational households as the chi enters there. The zone also represents emotional control. Experts suggest removing the shoes, umbrellas, and clutter as these items carry dirt and, if left in the entryway for too long, can bring negative energy into the home, making the occupants anxious. 

  1. Family Golden Reunion Dinner

There must be a minimum of eight dishes at a typical reunion dinner, and they must include the following ingredients: Luo Han Zhai, prawns and other shellfish; abalone; clam; dried oyster; braised pork with sticky rice; long life noodles; a sweet dessert; and fruits. Each ingredient has its own symbolic meaning for the Chinese New Year which you should take note of to allow good luck to enter not just your home but also your body.

After the dinner, the family should spend time together and stay together until the clock strikes midnight. It is customary for family members to greet one another with auspicious greetings and good luck wishes.

For the Chinese New Year, preparations start as far back as one month before the new moon, which means that everything from new clothes and foodstuffs purchases to home repairs and even the purchase of new furniture is done in order for the house to get a thorough spring cleaning and even to bring in some new furniture for the upcoming year. 

All of this preparation for the day when tradition should be followed as closely as possible to ensure that abundance and prosperity follow you throughout the year.